Selasa, April 27, 2010

Date Night

“Date Night” is a movie about a couple, Phil and Claire Fosters, played by Steve Carell (“40 year old virgin“), and Tina Fey (“Baby Mama” and SNL Vet) who decided they need a change of taste and try to bring the spark back into their marriage. The two agree to go on a date night to a new, and very popular, seafood restaurant down town.
The walk inside requesting a table for two and are turned down because they don’t have a reservation. On the way out the door they hear another hostess repeat “Triplehorn, party of two” and Carell turns around and announces that they are the Triplehorn’s. The two are enjoying a nice meal when two men dressed in all black come over and ask them to confirm their identity and are asked to follow them into the back ally.
There they find out the “Triplehorns” are thieves and have stolen a specific flash drive that contains very important material. Date night turns into disaster as the two spend the rest of the night trying to convince the men that they are indeed the Fosters and have no idea what flash drive they are talking about. With the help of a friend, played by Mark Walberg (“Boogie Nights“), the couple attempts o retrieve the flash drive and return it, leaving them with a night they will never forget.
There’s a fine line really on where I would stand with this movie. Most of it was hilarious, but at times there were scenes that left you thinking “really?” and not in a good way. It’s enough to hold your attention at least, so that’s a good sign. Carell and Fey are both hilarious and wonderful as usual and make a perfect match for the leading couple, each feeding off the others energy.
Also the story line is very good, even though most movies now a days are just as dramatic in a sense of “running form the bad guy” this one however stood out. With a interesting beginning, and hilarious ending,
I would give Date Night a 3.5 out of 5.

P/S: layan n kelaka abes.. korang g la nengok..


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Hazzy Ishak berkata...

belum tgk cite ni.huhu

sya dah tgk the losers ke belum? best gak cite ni

Sya Yusof berkata...

g la tgok neh cepat.. best n klaka..

hmm cite the losers sya xtgok g.. hmm nnt sya g tgok la.. :)